The passion of Walter Pascke is a film that shows the different trips of a German family through the United States over the years following the space race. The soundtrack is built with audios from the NASA archive of its space programs.

The visual material is based on a series of Super 8 familiar movies found in a flea market in Berlin. The material could only reach some conclusions: The father of the family was called Walter Pascke, he lived in the West Berlin during the cold war and had an absolute passion for space travels, as he seemed to take advantage of his vacation to travel to the United States to see different takeoffs between 1969 and 1980.

The soundtrack has been made with different audios of space travel that NASA has recently published. Starting from the image, the soundtrack aims to give depth and estrangement to family recordings.

The film connects at some points the historical moment of the cold war with today. On the one hand the postwar tourism that has evolved into the current massive turism and its consequences as we see in his visit to a town with American Indians. The political tension that is not visible or evident but that justifies much of what we see on the screen and that has again escalated in what some media call the second cold war. Space travel that has begun to be important in political and, now, business agendas. Finally, the wonderful image of a person who evades the harsh reality of Berlin divided by the wall through his passion for space travels.