Walking around begins with a walking around the exhibition space, in the area known as Check Point Charlie. This is a particularly a significant area where different historical moments of the city are palpable in the space, including the current boom of mass-tourism. There is the symbolic control booth, “Checkpoint Charlie”, the most famous border crossing of the Berlin Wall; remains of the wall itself; the place occupied by the buildings of Gestapo and SS headquarters; the Federal Ministry of Finance, called before the Reich Air Ministry and known as one the leading exponents of Nazi architecture; or the Museum of Communication in Berlin, original of 1872.
The entire walking was recorded. Later, the frames were replaced by drawings or left blank keeping the original audio from the video.
The project endorses the sentence from Hessel in Walking in Berlin, trying “not to walk to perceive the city, but walking forva trail: the past in the present. At the same time, the own present that goes unnoticed by the most citizens.